Visitors and Massanutten Guests

Massanutten Resort is a great place for families to meet for a reunion and vacation!  We often photograph families who are vacationing at the resort.  We understand you are on vacation and just want to get your portrait "over with" so you can get back to enjoying your vacation!

Please call us for more information about a portrait sitting while you are on vacation.  We can photograph you at our studio or in the comfort of your timeshare, or other locations within the resort.  We are highly skilled at and have the proper equipment for photographing very large groups.  We work fast to have you back on the golf course or in the water park as quickly as possible. 

We schedule the decision makers to come to our studio the same day or next day, whichever is more convenient, to view your portraits and place your order.  Once you are home from vacation, we begin shipping your portraits to your home so you don't have to worry about damaging them on vacation!