Welcome, Class of 2019.

Class of 2020 High School Seniors and Parents

Welcome to Housden Photography.  Please have a look around, then visit our senior site for senior portrait galleries.  We understand senior portraits are all new to you and may be new to parents as well, and we are here to help and answer your questions.  Our website is a useful tool to tell you all about the Housden Family and our portrait studio.

We have been one of the premiere senior portrait studios in the state of Virginia since we began photographing high school seniors in 1985.  In fact, we have photographed generations of high school seniors!  We have won various awards on the state and national level for excellence in senior portraiture.  We continue our education every year and study with the best fashion and portrait photographers in the world, to provide you with the highest quality portraits.  Not only that, but ask around!  Housden seniors always have a great time being photographed and love their experience at our studio.  Additionally, Chris Housden won third best in show among hundreds of high school senior portrait photographers at the Senior and Youth and National Conference for senior portrait of a male in 2016.

Feel free to contact us and come in for a consultation to discuss the experience, your investment and our ideas together.  We are eager to help you and answer all of your questions.  Until we meet please have a look below, where you can view a sample of our beautiful senior portrait albums as well as a link to our senior galleries.  We also have a link below if you are interested in becoming one of our senior model ambassadors.  If you are selected, we'll invite you in and explain the program to you.  Our models get the most awesome location portraits, variety and experience that you will only find at Housden.

If it is fashionable, fun, edgy, unique and dramatic, it is a Housden senior portrait.

See you soon!