Your Portrait Consultation

You are not alone; everyone has questions.  To get the most out of your portrait experience, we highly recommend a consultation to discuss the creation of your portrait. 

The portrait consultation is complimentary and is the best way to answer your questions.  We typically schedule a consultation a week before your sitting, or you may come in for a consultation if you are looking at various options.  This is your opportunity to meet the portrait artist, tour our studio and discuss creating your portrait.

Clothing is important!  We also take time to discuss with you clothing options for your sitting.  If you are planning a child or family portrait and your child tends to be shy, we also invite you to bring your child or children in so they get to meet us before the big day!

Would you like to have portraits at your home?  Please discuss this with us during your consultation.  We travel all over for portraits.  We prefer your location of choice to be at your home; however, if you have a specific place in mind other than your home, we just need permission from the land owner to photograph you there.  Please note we do NOT photograph on railroad tracks, as it is highly dangerous and highly illegal.

Last but not least, we will spend time with you to discuss your investment and how you wish to decorate your home with your portraits.  We show you various sizes, collages, cluster options, mounting substrates, and other factors important in choosing the perfect portrait.  This is a great time to look over our pricing menu to plan your investment and budget.