Why Choose Housden?

It's simple - ask around! We have a strong presence in the community as we have maintained a professional business for more than forty years and have created countless relationships within the community.  Every day we strive to better our craft and creativity.  We keep up with the trends, but we aren't "trendy," that is, our portraits will stand the test of time and your portraits will not go out of style.

In the era of digital, new photographers come and go and have little to no education or experience in photography.  We are well established, professionally trained and internationally recognized portrait artists who will be here to continue capturing your memories for years to come.  We push ourselves to ensure you receive the highest level of service and quality at Housden Photography.  You can come to our studio with confidence that we will create a portrait that you will love!  We guarantee you will be more than pleased with both your experience with our artists and the quality of your portraits.